How we made the fragrance

It started in the fridge

To create Old Milk, we gave a professional perfumer the mission to reproduce the stench of milk ‘gone bad’. The first step in the process was to conduct a headspace analysis on milk we kept in the fridge. During this time we let the milk sour to different degrees and documented the results.

Finding the right pallet

After getting the results from the headspace analysis, we started to develop a scent pallet from various ingredients, with the purpose to recreate the smell of the sour milk we had in the fridge, as precise as possible.

Fifty shades of sour

The next step in the process was to develop a basic odor, that we could tweak in stench and sourness, to really capture the smell from the Head Space analysis.

The result

After months of hard work, we managed to create the perfect recipe – and Old Milk was finally ready to face the world!