What happens when a family that usually doesn’t eat organic food suddenly starts?

What is the purpose of this study ?

We wanted to know more about what happens in the body when switching from conventional to organic food. The result was so interesting that we made a film to share with the masses.  We want to inspire more people to eat organic – we think it's good for both people and the environment.

What are the results?

The study shows that choosing organic food can reduce the level of pesticides in the body. When the family switched to organic food, both the occurrence and the number of pesticides were reduced.

Who is behind this study?

Coop and researchers at the independent Swedish Environmental Research Institute performed the study together with the family. The full report is available here.

How was the family chosen?

All families are of course different. We looked for a family that many can identify with – one that eats like most families do today. We contacted a family that did not frequently eat much organic food, but that was interested in eating more.

Why does Coop have so many products that are not organically produced?

That will probably be the case for quite a while since production has not kept up with demand. We develop our organic product line continuously and have a large selection of organic products. Coop today features over 2,400 organic and environmentally labeled products in our range, with our own brand Coop Änglamark as the main consumer choice.

Why is organic food more expensive than non-organic products?

Organic is more expensive to produce than non-organic products. We work hard to offer competitive prices to make eco alternatives available to even more people. One example is our “Eco of the Week” – a regular weekly offer where we lower the prices by an average of 30–50% on selected items in various categories.

What does Coop do to help us consumers to choose organic products?

Many things. The study and the movie is one way to encourage discussion about the benefits of organic food. We are working on further developing our range, not least within Coop Änglamark. We write a lot about eco in our membership magazine Mer Smak, and we will become even better at showcasing organic and sustainable choices in our stores. All our stores are organically third-party certified.

Where can I find more information?

More information about the study, the movie and Coop's work in the sustainability area can be found here on On NFA's [Livsmedelsverket] webpage, more information about the latest nutrition recommendations and on undesirable substances in food can be found.

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